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Top 11 Halloween costumes for men

Updated: Oct 7, 2011 10:56 AM EDT
If you're looking to find your better half this Halloween, you're going to need a great costume. (©Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Thinkstock) If you're looking to find your better half this Halloween, you're going to need a great costume. (©Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Thinkstock)
By Alyson Sheppard
From Style + Tech For Men

It's been said, but not documented, that Halloween is the second most popular night to hook up, behind New Year's Eve. So fellas, you better look your best this year. That means not showing up to the big party in the same outfit as three other guys (like you did last year). To help, here are 11 unique yet cool costumes that are sure to help you take home the prize… the Best Dressed prize, of course.

Ballpark Beer Vendor

"Beer Here!" Be the guy  every parched sports fan loves to see coming down the aisle during a ballgame. Costume includes everything you need (a bright yellow shirt, spill apron, baseball cap, and vendor tray with suspenders), except for the beer and can opener. Unexpected plus: You have a place to carry your suds and hers. Classy.

Cost: $44.99

Brother Droog

The ultraviolent, creepy gang members Stanley Kubrick envisioned in his cult classic A Clockwork Orange are easy to replicate, yet still impressive to pull off. And if someone else wears the same costume, you can act like he's one of your boys.

Cost: $80

Invisible Dog Walker

A good costume, like good comedy, is all about delivery. Walking one invisible dog is kind of lame. But being yanked and dragged by five will definitely get you noticed. Plus, you can bump into that hottie without seeming like a perv. And all you have to do is buy the plastic bags, leashes and fake dog poop. The rest of the uniform is in your closet.

Cost: Approximately $40

Plug and Socket

Bring your own voltage to October 31 by dressing up as an electrical cord. Wear the foam plug  -- complete with shiny prongs and a long cord (love the innuendo) -- around your waist and spend the rest of the night chasing the socket-half of this costume… or looking for another hot outlet you can plug into.

Cost: $39


It takes more than 30 months of hardcore training -- torturous physical exercises, weapons proficiency tests, explosives mastery classes, paradrop qualifying, etc. -- to become a U.S. Navy SEAL. Luckily, on Halloween, all you need is face paint and a decent-looking uniform. Keep it tasteful; you never know if a real operator will be at the party with you.

Cost: $65

Don Draper

Don't even try to impersonate the dashing "Mad Men" headliner unless you have an impeccably tailored dark gray suit from Brooks Brothers. Get your hair quaffed and cut by a pro, and wear a starched white shirt, pocket handkerchief and slick tie. Complete the look with a cigarette and bottle of Canadian Club.

Cost: Approximately $1,200

Web Surfer

Dress up as a literal interpretation of yourself (i.e., a Web junkie). Find an old wet suit and dress it up with lots of fake cobwebs and plastic spiders.  Then grab the mouse and keyboard on your roommate's desk; they make nice accessories. If you want to get witty, walk around with a thermometer in your mouth to indicate that you've been infected by a virus.

Cost: $12

Cheerleader/Football Player

How does crashing a Halloween party in drag without losing your masculinity sound to you? This dual cheerleader and football player costume creates the illusion that you're both. Score!

Cost: $59

Chain Smoker

Get yourself a smoking jacket, some makeup to age yourself by at least 10 years, hang a fake chain around your neck life a scarf, and stuff your pockets with cartons of Marlboros. Then start puffing away. You'll look as though you'll be dead by morning's light.

Cost: Approximately $300

'70s Tennis Instructor

According to most movies, 1970s tennis pros had the life, frolicking with country club wives while the husbands toiled away at the office. Grab a pair of tight, white short shorts; a white polo shirt; a pair of white tube socks; a vintage wooden racket; a navy blue V-neck sweater; a headband; and a pair of classic Stan Smiths, and you're ready teach someone a lesson.

Cost: $300 approx.

Zombie… Anything

With a little death-colored makeup and some half-hearted acting, any outfit in your closet can be zombified. It is Halloween, after all, and some gore is expected.

Cost: $15

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