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24th Annual Police Memorial Day

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Wednesday morning the Western Mass Police Chief's Association held their annual police Memorial Day Ceremony paying tribute to officers killed in the line of duty.

"There is no such thing as a routine stop, and certainly all of these members that we not only put on the memorial today but have been memorialized throughout the years are a true testament to that reality," said Col. Marian McGovern with the MA State Police.

Law enforcement officials from all four counties came together for the ceremony.

"Day to day operations of a police officer are filled with danger and at any time they could be called upon to make the sacrifice," said Springfield Police Commissioner William Fitchet.

Lindsay Arsenault was among those in attendance as her great-grandfather's name was added to the memorial this year.

"My great-grandfather was the first state trooper in the state of Massachusetts to die in uniform," Arsenault said.

And for Arsenault like so many others, the memorial helps to honor the legacy of a loved one who gave so much to help others.

"It's a great way to pay respect to someone I never got to meet, he meant a lot to my family," said Arsenault.

A common thread among the speakers is just how much officers put on the line every day they're on the job. During the ceremony, Fitchet read the names of those officers here in the city of homes whose names now appear on the memorial.

"I go right back in time to the times that the incidents happened, and I was there at three of the deaths so it is very personal for me," Fitchet said.

But, from the veterans to students like Benton Carr, the risk is all just a part of the job.

"It's natural to have a concern but it is part of the job and you know I'm willing to do that because this is what I've always wanted to do," Carr said.

Five names were added to the memorial, which is located over at Springfield Technical Community College this year.

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