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'The Sticky Buddy' picks up mediocre review

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We've all used a lint roller before, especially if we're wearing something dark that allows all your pet hair and lint to show, right? The problem is that you eventually run out of sticky tape and have to go out and buy more, which can be expensive. Now there's a new product called the 'Sticky Buddy' that's made of rubber instead. It claims to have "the power of glue without the goo!" This week I 'Try It Before You Buy It!'

If you watch a lot of late night or early morning TV you've probably seen the commercial for the 'Sticky Buddy' at one point or another. The main selling point is the claim that there's almost nothing the 'Sticky Buddy' can't pick up! The commercial shows the product picking up such things as paper clips, cat hair off a shirt and even other small messy items that have been spilled. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about this one from the start, but I still gave the product a shot and tried several tests to determine if it indeed was worth your money to buy.

The first test I tried out on the 'Sticky Buddy' was the crumb test. After all, the commercial says it'll pick up almost any spill. I crumbled up some crackers on a table and put the 'Sticky Buddy' to the test. Fail! All it did was pick up a small amount of the crumbs and with the rest, just mashed them out to dust like it was a rolling pin!

The next test was to pick up paper clips as was depicted in the commercial. Yep, it picked them up, and immediately dropped most right back down on the table. Fail number two.

I found that the 'Sticky Buddy' worked much better on lint on my fleece jacket. It did a great job picking up any and all hair and lint. But after a few rolls of the 'buddy' on my fleece, it stopped picking up anything and had to be cleaned. Cleanup is fairly easy, as you just dip it in a bucket of water or wash away the stuck on debris with your faucet.

Now for the big test. The claim that the 'Sticky Buddy's' built in 'fingers' can grab and bring to the surface pet hair out of the carpet in your home or car. I tested the claim in my own truck which happens to be full of pet hair from two different dogs! I was impressed. The 'fingers' did grab and pull a lot of hair right out of my carpet, and the sticky roller pulled it all up with ease. That's where the fun ended. After one swipe, it's ready to be cleaned already!

After all the testing I found that the 'Sticky Buddy' does work well as an everyday lint catcher on your clothes and the rubber 'fingers' do a nice job bringing hair and dirt to the surface of carpets. The downfall, in my opinion, is that you have to clean the 'Sticky Buddy' so often, it's almost more economical to stick with the regular lint rollers. We purchased the 'Sticky Buddy' for $9.99 and I found a two pack of sticky tape lint rollers for $4.00. I think I'll stick with those!

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