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Man says falling bridge flooding his property

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A man says an aging bridge is slowly falling into the creek by his home, keeping water from flowing and he claims the state isn't in a rush to fix the problem.

Genesee County resident Jim Hunter's backyard is under water. The Kearsley Creek is backing up into his yard because an old bridge is falling apart and creating a dam.

"The abutments are hooked in to a field stone and they are about ready to drop in. If they do, that will completely shut this river off and flood everything north of the area," says Hunter.

Hunter says the bridge is part of the original M-15 route, constructed in 1901. He's called both the local and state government hoping that they would take care of it, but they didn't.

The Department of Natural Resources recently told Hunter that he can obtain a permit to remove it himself for $150. He says he has no problem taking matters into his own hands but there's yet one more obstacle.

Another problem is that the bridge's center lies on four different properties and the DNR says in order to have it removed he's going to have to get a letter from all of the residents saying it's okay to pull it out.

"Meantime, I am liable for anything along with other people for anything that happens up stream as a result of bridge falling in to the river," says Hunter.

Hunter is hoping he won't run into much resistance from the property owners because if something isn't done soon, his house could be the next thing to fall in to the creek.

TV5 put a call in to the Michigan Department of Transportation and they told us they were unaware of a bridge in this location.

We'll keep you posted.

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