Rep. Neal discusses President Biden’s first State of the Union address

President Joe Biden will deliver his first State of the Union Address to the nation on Tuesday.
Published: Mar. 1, 2022 at 5:23 PM EST
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - President Joe Biden will deliver his first State of the Union Address to the nation on Tuesday.

Congressman Richard Neal believes President Biden’s economic response has been better than what the public perceives, especially in the wake of an ongoing pandemic.

“I hope he pivots hard to the success of the economy. I understand the argument over inflation, but it’s also important to point out that we have almost a full employment economy,” Neal said.

Neal said he recognizes inflation is still an issue. A January report from the U.S. Department of Labor found the annual rate rising at 7.5 percent, a 40-year high, but Neal pointed out the U.S. Department of Labor also found employers added 467,000 positions in January alone. He said that success is something the president should highlight in his State of the Union address.

“The unemployment numbers are almost four percent, six million new jobs have been created since he took the oath of office,” Neal noted.

Many Republican leaders blame Democratic spending policies for driving inflation and boosting the cost of goods. They claim even with increased wages, families don’t have as much disposable income.

In a recent speech on the Senate floor, Senator Mitch McConnell said that cost is hitting Americans where it hurts.

“It’s hard to put dinner on the table when the cost of eggs, meat and fish are 12 percent more expensive,” McConnell explained.

The White House said President Biden will also address the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

The Republican response will be given by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds after the state of the union.

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