Chicopee School Committee votes to put Lynn Clark on paid leave, asks for resignation

During an open floor discussion, the school committee voted 8-3 to place Clark on paid administrative leave.
Published: Apr. 6, 2022 at 10:22 PM EDT
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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - After admitting to lying to the FBI and getting arrested Wednesday morning, Chicopee Public Schools Superintendent Lynn Clark has been placed on paid administrative leave and has been asked to resign immediately by the Chicopee School Committee.

Wednesday night’s school committee meeting was planned as scheduled, but after Wednesday’s events, the school committee voted ‘yes’ 8-3 on a new item line to take action immediately.

“It’s placed a huge, dark cloud over the city,” said school committee member David Barsalou, “and I’m hoping tonight we can start the healing process.”

During an open floor discussion, the school committee voted 8-3 to place Clark on paid administrative leave.

“In the best interest of our school district, we felt as if we had to take immediate action,” said Chicopee Mayor John Vieau.

Federal investigators appeared at Clark’s house in Belchertown Wednesday morning after she was accused of sending 99 threatening text messages from a burner app in an effort to derail one candidate’s campaign for police chief.

According to court documents obtained by Western Mass News, Clark sent 99 text messages that were threatening in nature.

She felt that if ‘Individual 1′ became police chief, it could negatively impact her position as superintendent of Chicopee schools, and wanted Individual 1 to “get knocked down a peg.”

School committee members weighed a decision on whether to place her on paid or unpaid administrative leave, but without any indictments, they opted for paid leave.

“As long as she goes into court and pleads not guilty, you know, exerts her rights under the law, as much as I hate it, I’d love her to be on unpaid leave right now,” said school committee member Tim Wagner. “She made a disgrace of this school district.”

Mayor Vieau told Western Mass News what will come next following Wednesday’s series of events.

“The assistant superintendent, who has the most seniority, will be our acting superintendent, and we will get through this time, like we always do,” Mayor Vieau said.

We caught up with Clark outside of the courthouse to ask her the hard-hitting questions…

We asked, “Do you plan on resigning? Any message to staff, students?”

“I have no comment,” she answered.

Clark will appear in federal court on April 27th.

Western Mass News will keep you posted on air and online with the latest developments as soon as we hear them.