Town tree causes sewage backup for Longmeadow family

Town tree causes sewage backup for Longmeadow family
Published: Apr. 7, 2022 at 10:46 PM EDT
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LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -Western Mass News spoke to a homeowner in Longmeadow, after a Facebook post caught our attention. She said sewage backed up in her house and it was caused by a tree she said is owned by the town.

Anna Bikas told Western Mass News a company came to clear the sewage pipe leading from her house, but she is worried it’ll back up again into her basement. She’s having trouble getting answers from the town.

She said her neighbors have faced similar issues. One person who commented on the post said it happened at their house three times in less than a month. Certainly, a mess to cleanup and a big expense for homeowners.

Anna Bikas of Longmeadow told Western Mass News she was getting the house ready for her daughter’s Birthday party when she noticed water in the basement.

“When we flushed some toilets, it all just started coming out of the toilet downstairs and the shower,” said Bikas.

Her husband told us he was running back and forth with buckets full of unsanitary water trying to clean up the mess. Bikas called a restoration company.

“And they said that there was tree roots growing into our pipes,” said Bikas.

Bikas and her family slept at her parents’ house for a night while a local sewer and drain company worked on the problem.

“They came and they snaked it through the said and they pushed out the tree roots, pushed everything out,” said Bikas.

She said they had to tear out the carpets, floors, and closets that were affected.

“And now we’re just dealing with the mess right now trying to look for a contractor to help us finish the basement and stuff,” said Bikas.

“Which direction should I go to, should I call a company to help me with the pipes? Should I call a company to come and cut the tree down? But they did say it is their tree,” said Bikas.

She said the town is not offering to cover the costs of damage. but they said they’d send someone out to evaluate the tree.

“But I just haven’t seen anyone and it’s been about three weeks now,” said Bikas.

And not only has this been a messy and costly issue, but it’s taken a lot of her time, Bikas told Western Mass News she’s called her insurance company, six excavating companies, contractors, the Town and hasn’t been able to get help.

“I’m willing to fix it. I don’t want it to happen again. It’s just I’m not really sure which way to go about it,” said Bikas.

Western Mass News tried several attempts to reach out to the Town’s Department of Public Works and Town Manager for a response, but have not heard back yet.