Motorcyclists calling for increased road safety after fellow riders hospitalized

Members of the Chicopee and Thompsonville Moose Riders joined together to speak with Western Mass News after 5 of their own were seriously hurt in an accident.
Published: Apr. 26, 2022 at 10:31 PM EDT|Updated: Apr. 26, 2022 at 11:14 PM EDT
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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - Western Mass News has continued to follow a tragic accident from over the weekend when a car swerved into the opposite lane and hit 5 motorcyclists, leaving 2 severely injured.

We spoke exclusively with members of the Moose Riders from Chicopee and Thompsonville, some of whom were there on Sunday when the accident occurred. They told us that they are grateful it was not fatal, and they are doing what they can every day to support their brothers toward a speedy recovery.

“We are one family, brothers and sisters, across the country,” said the Moose Riders Tuesday.

Members of the Chicopee and Thompsonville Moose Riders joined together to speak with Western Mass News after 5 of their own were seriously hurt in an accident over the weekend.

“It was pretty devastating,.” said Thompsonville Moose Riders President Bruce Cadieux.

“Yeah, it was very terrifying,” added Kirk Glidden, Vice President of the Chicopee Moose Riders.

Glidden said Mooseheart Moosehaven is a big community throughout the country that comes together to support children and the elderly through various charity events.

On Sunday, 19 members of the Chicopee and Thompsonville, Connecticut Moose Lodges decided to get together after their meetings for a ride out to Rhode Island to have dinner, but on their way back:

“He came across the yellow line and just plowed into the whole group,” Cadieux recalled.

An accident report obtained by Western Mass News showed that, when going around a curve, a car swerved into the motorcyclists’ lane and hit 2 of Chicopee’s members and 3 of Thompsonville’s.

“The corner was very sharp. The car was doing an excessive amount of speed coming around the corner, and when we came around the corner, it was very quick. It was chaotic,” Glidden said. “Just parts flying everywhere, no reaction time for anything.”

Cadieux told us that seeing something like this happen to people he considers family has been unimaginable.

“I’ve been a firefighter for 15 years, and I’ve seen a lot of horrific things, and you get numb to it,” he said. “It was hard to be numb to this.”

The biker activity group told us that they always make safety their top priority on their rides, but now, they are pleading with drivers in the community to watch out for bikers to prevent any more tragedies like this.

“Please be more responsible and focus on the riders on the road to make sure everyone’s safety first,” Glidden said.

Friends told us that two of those injured still have a long road to recovery, but they are asking the community to keep them in their thoughts.

“Prayers are strong,” the Moose Riders said. “Everybody please pray. Every little bit helps.”

The accident remains under investigation by the Connecticut State Police.

On Sunday, there will be a blessing of the bikes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Chicopee Moose Lodge. President Mark Canty told us that all are welcome to come out and get their bikes blessed, or just learn more about what this group does for the community.