Gas prices hit record high in Massachusetts

Gas prices hit record high in Massachusetts
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 7:55 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -Gas prices have hit a new record high. The average is up to $4.45 a gallon in the Bay State and many people are asking why.

Western Mass News heard from those filling up at the pump and spoke with a AAA spokesperson to find out if consumers can expect relief at the pump as we enter the summer months.

“It’s just shocking I mean gas is high, heating oil is twice as high and there’s no reason for that,” said Chicopee resident Rick Mulcahy.

The pain at the pump is continuing as summer begins. According to AAA, both regular unleaded and diesel fuels are at the highest ever recorded average price in the state of Massachusetts.

“Why prices tend to increase in the summer is because we have this surge in demand because it’s summer driving season and people go on their road trips,” AAA spokesperson Mark Shieldrop said.

Shieldrop told Western Mass News that a number of factors are contributing to the high gas prices, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is bringing the cost of oil to over $100 per barrel. He told us the switch to summer-blend gasoline is also affecting the price at the pump.

“Refineries around the world take turns, basically shutting down and retooling to produce that summer blend, which produces less emissions and that’s really important in those summer months for air quality reasons,” said Shieldrop.

People who spoke with Western Mass News told us it is time for change to be made at the federal level.

“I would like to see them come down, I don’t see how that’s going to happen until we open up all of our oil reserves here and start drilling,” said Mulcahy.

The average cost of gas in Massachusetts is currently sitting at $4.45 per gallon as of Thursday. One week ago, the average cost of gas in the Bay State was $4.26 per gallon, a month ago the average cost was $4.09 per gallon. Diesel is also at its all-time high of $6.31 a gallon in Massachusetts. We asked Shieldrop what’s causing the diesel increase.

“Demand is up, capacity is way down and supply is down and it’s becoming a big problem around the world because people are scrambling to find the product they need and it’s in short supply and that’s putting extreme pressure on diesel prices right now,” he said.

Shieldrop also shared tips to save money when filling up your car Shieldrop also shared tips on saving money when filling up your car.

“Just ease up on the gas pedal a little bit, your driving habits really has the most influence on how much fuel you’re going to consume,” Shieldrop said.

Shieldrop also recommended checking your tire pressure and to join memberships at wholesale clubs to save the most money at the pump.