Dakin sees unusually high population of dogs due to lack of adopters

Dakin sees unusually high population of dogs due to lack of adopters
Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 4:46 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -A decline in pet adoptions can be seen nationwide. We checked in with Dakin Humane Society in Springfield the lack of adopters has left them with an unusually high population of dogs.

Animal shelters across the United States are seeing a decline in pet adopters, including in western Mass.

“Right now we have six dogs that are available on our website, that has been for several days, which is unusual because we’ve been pretty low on the dog population,” explained Lee Chambers, Dakin media relations and development specialist.

Chambers talked to Western Mass News about the decline in dog adoptions locally.

“Nobody really knows the exact reason, but there’s some indications that it might be because people find themselves in emergency state through a job loss or housing situation, which sometimes happens because of the job loss and pets, unfortunately, need to go to a different place, and that’s why they end up in shelters,” said Chambers.

In addition to Dakin’s current population, the shelter is expecting to receive a transport of dogs from southern states this Saturday.

“A lot of times when they’re coming from the southern shelters, it’s because it’s a different environment down there the shelters in the south and other parts of the country where either spay-neuter is not taking place as much or if people don’t have the resources,” said Chambers.

Chambers said the transport systems have been a wonderful way to get animals out of shelters that are overpopulated. The goal is to bring pets to the Northeast, where shelters tend to have more space.

However, she explained that with the large population of dogs already under Dakin’s care, the intake of new canines will be a challenge.

she said they’re desperate to find forever homes.

“So people are thinking of adopting a dog now is the time and right now as of today we have 270 animals that are in her care and that’s kind of a lie side and it’s the beginning of summer and it’s only going to get bigger,” explained Chambers.

Information on available animals can be found here.