Surprise Squad honors Greenfield teacher who has touched many lives

A beloved teacher at Greenfield High School, who is known for her leadership inside and outside of the classroom, received the surprise of a lifetime.
Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 5:19 PM EDT
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GREENFIELD MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The Western Mass. Hyundai Dealers Surprise Squad is back recognizing teachers who go above and beyond. In this month’s edition of Surprise Squad, a beloved teacher at Greenfield High School, who is known for her leadership inside and outside of the classroom, received the surprise of a lifetime.

“Today, we’re going to celebrate Angela Mass, a teacher from Greenfield High,” said Brian Houser, general manager of Balise Hyundai.

Carla Cosenzi, president of Country Hyundai, added, “She has no idea what’s going on!”

Gary Rome, president of Gary Rome Hyundai, noted, “I can’t wait to see the surprise on her face. You could feel the excitement in the air.”

Hundreds of students lined the halls of Greenfield High School to show their support. Houser made sure it would be a surprise she never forgets.

“Last Surprise Squad was loud, so can you be louder? Can you?” Houser asked.

They were so loud, they left the geometry teacher at Greenfield High School, who was nominated by one of her students Brielle Widelo, speechless.

Widelo said Mass does so much for them and they are so happy to give something in return and she has created a culture that has changed their community.

“There is no other than Miss Mass. She is the advisor to our student council, so she helps us put on homecoming, the pep rallies, which if we can all agree, have definitely made the school a better place, this year,” Widelo explained.

Haley Campbell, a Greenfield High School graduate, added, “Out of all the staff in the Greenfield district, we know we would be nothing without Mrs. Mass.”

Mass said her mission is simple. “I want to make kids better humans. That’s my favorite part of my job,” she noted.

The surprises kept on coming for Mass.

“On behalf of the Western Mass. Hyundai Dealers, we wanted to present to you a check for $500 for you to be able to use for school supplies, plus a $200 gift card to Terrazza Restaurant and $300 to Euphoria Float Spa in Northampton,” said Cosenzi.

Rome added, “We want to congratulate you on all that you do. You are a power of example to other educators and the turnout is representative of the impact you have on them.”

Houser noted, “I think people forget that teachers don’t just leave at three o’clock. I’m sure she has had endless nights trying to prepare to make sure these kids have fantastic events like homecoming and the student council to prepare all of these things. People are not aware of all that goes into it and Angela is a perfect example of people who makes things happen.”

Mass has been making things happen for 23 years.

“I was on student council when I was a student here and it had a huge impact on my own life, so when I came here, I knew I wanted to do that and give back in the way that something was so powerful in my life,” Mass explained.

Her biggest fans, who share her last name, were also in attendance.

“I was not surprised by all of the people who came because obviously everyone loves her,” said her daughter, Quinn Mass.

“People love her and she definitely deserves this,” added daughter Auburn Mass.

We want to celebrate kids, instructors, volunteers, “anyone” think deserves a special surprise. The squad doesn’t get a summer vacation and the next surprise could be at your school or camp. CLICK HERE to nominate today!