Getting Answers: Springfield residents say tire damage is from patch and tar work

One resident said that tar was put down on the road to fix the cracking areas, but she said it did not harden in the heat.
Published: Jul. 26, 2022 at 6:32 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - A viewer reached out to our newsroom claiming that she and her neighbors had damage to their car tires as a result of patch and tar work being done on their road in Springfield.

“There were some little signs put up, but we had no idea what those signs were going to be for,” said Springfield resident Kathy Zachery.

People that live on Schuyler Street in Springfield told us that the Springfield Department of Public Works began road work at the beginning of July, but they were not sure why.

Zachery, one of the people who lives on Schuyler Street, told Western Mass News that tar was put down on the road to fix the cracking areas, but she said it did not harden. She claims that the tar then got stuck on her car tires and caused damage.

“I immediately went to try and remove the tar,” Zachery told us. “It took me a couple of hours, but it didn’t matter because it was so hot, it kept reapplying into the treads. I had to buy some products to get it out, use old credit cards to try and dig into the grooves.”

Mabel Sharif also lives on Schuyler Street. She told us that her car tires were damaged as well from the road work.

“It’s costing a lot of money to get new tires because I still don’t have all the tar off my tires,” Sharif said.

We reached out to Mayor Domenic Sarno’s office for answers. Communications Director Bill Baker told us in a statement in part, quote:

“The crack sealant was done by an outside contractor, and unfortunately, with the recent heatwave and humidity, it did not help with the curing of the crack sealant. The crack sealant material will eventually wear off of the tires during normal driving operations.”

Meanwhile, residents said they hope the street will be completely fixed soon.

“It’s just annoying to leave the street like this,” Zachery said. “We’re tax-paying residents here, and to just leave it like this is unacceptable.”