Getting Answers: driver safety concerns after a serious car accident in Chicopee

Getting Answers: driver safety concerns after a serious car accident in Chicopee
Published: Jul. 30, 2022 at 11:47 PM EDT
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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -A serious crash in Chicopee closed down a section of Memorial Drive near Montgomery Street for about four hours Friday. We wanted to know, what is being done to address driver safety across the city?

Chicopee leaders told Western Mass News that driver safety and road safety have been points of concern for some time. For residents, they’re taking matters into their own hands.

“People are working very diligently to address traffic issues in the city” said Chicopee City Councilor Mary-Beth Costello.

Following a crash on Memorial Drive in Chicopee on Friday, Western Mass News is getting answers on what is being done to keep drivers safe in Chicopee.

Western Mass News caught up with Chicopee city councilor Mary-Beth Costello, who told Western Mass News that Memorial Drive has been an issue for decades with challenges such as speeding.

“State and the federal government are working on streets like a Memorial Drive to make the streets over they are working Memorial Drive as we speak to make sure that proper traffic lights are being installed there’s a line markers,” said Costello.

As an advocate of safe driving, Costello ensured the city is not ignoring these issues.

“Traffic now is a lot different than the traffic years ago and there’s a lot more traffic and there’s a lot more deliveries made to homes that were done years ago so the traffic pattern has increased and the speeding has increased, but Chicopee has not neglected looking at its streets and making improvements,” said Costello.

Officials said they’re attempting to make traveling in the city safer, by installing speed bumps on front street. Additionally, there is a proposal for the building of a roundabout in the area of Granby Road and Montgomery Street, as a way to improve traffic flow, as well as reduce speeding.

Residents have also been taking matters into their own hands in other parts of the city. Marie Asselian is a member of Mother’s Against Speeding, a local group formed to remind drivers to pay attention and slow down through sign posting and holding stand outs on busy streets. She tolf Western Mass News that after expressing concerns about speeding on Deane Street, where she lives, changes were made.

After officials realized the road was too narrow, the road was made into a one-way street.

“We’ve actually experienced 70 to 80 percent less traffic in my neighborhood...It’s a much safer neighborhood for everybody,” Asselian explained.

They hope to expand their message across the city, making the busy roads safer for everyone.

“We all need to be more cognitive of it to pay attention not speed it’s a hard thing it’s a behavioral change,” said Asselian.

The next standout is scheduled to take place on James Street Tuesday afternoon at 4:00.

Western Mass News did reach out to the Hampden DA’s office for information regarding the Memorial Drive Crash and have yet to hear back. The accident is under investigation.