Railings stolen from outside of Springfield’s Symphony Hall

Railings stolen from outside of Springfield's Symphony Hall
Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 11:49 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -The search is on in Springfield for the person or people who stole the railings from the steps of Symphony Hall sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

Springfield Police spokesperson Ryan Walsh said someone from City Hall noticed the railings were missing on Thursday morning and alerted police. He said it’s unfortunate with events attracting people into the city this weekend.

“Our detectives are looking at all the video in the area to see if they can kind of pinpoint some suspects, but the thief or thieves weren’t there all that long. They initially tried to get it off manually with the bolts and that wasn’t working, so they used some sort of cutting instrument, similar to what people use with stealing catalytic converters,” Walsh said

He said it only takes a few seconds to cut through them. Police believe the railings are made of brass and this is something they have seen in other areas around the city, like churches, when metal prices go up.

“In all likelihood, it’s someone who’s going to scrap metal. Different types of metal pertain certain values. Not exactly certain how valuable brass is. We know some of the metals in catalytic converters are very valuable,” Walsh said.

Walsh said reputable scrap metal dealers have to hold onto and report if something comes in that they think is suspicious before melting it down.

Meanwhile, Springfield Mayor Dominic Sarno told Western Mass News that he is disgusted by the situation.

“The audacity of it. It’s despicable. We have a beautiful municipal complex here and obviously the historic grandeur of Symphony Hall, but to steal those brass railings. We’ll catch the culprits,” he said.

With the amount and size of railings stolen Walsh said its likely there was a car involved.