Local businesses and shoppers benefit from Tax-free holiday

Local businesses and shoppers benefit from Tax-free holiday
Published: Aug. 14, 2022 at 11:39 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -Massachusetts’ tax-free weekend wrapped up Sunday. Many shoppers across the commonwealth spent their time hitting the stores, providing a boost to local businesses.

“People took advantage of the tax-free because it makes sense

Microwaves, fridges and stoves. These are just some of the items people could have bought tax-free this weekend. In Massachusetts, shoppers could purchase items under $2,500 tax-free. So people flocked to local shops to get their hands on those coveted big-ticket items, at a lower price.

“Everything helps so the more I can save the better off you are,”

Western Mass News spoke with shopper Stanley Knappe from Ludlow. He said he used this weekend to scope out a new fridge for his home and save some money.

“We all need a break and this is a great opportunity to do so, so I think this place is hopping and bopping right now and not only this place but a lot of places as well,” Knappe said.

Knappe was doing his shopping at Manny’s appliances in Wilbraham. That’s where we spoke with employee Joel Brissette. he shared this weekend is always a successful one for the business.

“Believe it or not more and about 48 hours this weekend business is equivalent to say over a month’s worth of normal business, so it’s very significant people are aware of it and they take advantage of it,” he said.

But, supply chain issues may impact when people will receive their items. Brisette said customers may not see their purchases for a few days.

“It just comes down to logistics of getting it out to people’s houses we have a lot of understanding customers...It’s not gonna be extremely quickly but we work with people we tell them what we see what we know and we can do is contact the customers once we get more information of when their product is coming in,” said Brisette.

Which is why some customers thought ahead.

“My fridge is still working now but in case it doesn’t. I’m gonna order one now I’ll get it three months from now,” Knappe said.

Many are happy that they’re walking away from this weekend with extra cash in their wallets, anticipating the arrival of their purchases.

“If you’re looking for a full kitchen and you’re most expensive pieces are under that $2,500 mark could save yourself hundreds of dollars so it works out very well for a lot of people,” said Brisette.