Friday storms cause some damage to parts of western Mass.

Friday storms cause some damage to parts of western Mass.
Published: Aug. 27, 2022 at 12:16 AM EDT
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EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -Stormy weather hit western Mass. Thursday afternoon. and now, the cleanup is underway for many.

Friday’s storms hit Hampshire and Berkshire counties hard. Just over the border in Connecticut, a tornado warning caused a scare for many people.

We were in Easthampton Friday afternoon, where much of today’s storm damage is still being cleaned up.

“All hell broke lose really fast,” said Eileen Jager of Easthampton.

Friday afternoon, a series of storms roared through parts of western Massachusetts.

When Western Mass News arrived in Easthampton Friday afternoon, we saw trees snapped, roads closed off and many residents impacted by storm damage in the area of Geryk Court and Bryan Avenue.

“I was in my kitchen and I heard the rain and then I heard the wind and I looked out the window and I heard and felt the snap,” said Jager.

Easthampton resident Eileen Jager, described to western mass news what she experienced during Thursday afternoon and the storm’s impact on her home.

“So there’s some trees along the back of my property line that snapped and fortunately not a huge amount of property damage to my house, certainly not compared to this,” Jager explained.

Meantime, Springfield resident Rachel Connell said she was with her son, visiting family, when the storm hit. With the fence in her parent’s yard blowing over and seeing the trees almost grazing the ground, she told Western Mass News that her maternal instincts took over.

“I scooped him up, we ran downstairs and everything started crashing down...I’ve seen plenty of movies that scared me, with severe weather. and also we had a microburst back in 2013 over on the mountain so I remember that the trees were similar, they were hitting the ground, and the tornado in Springfield, similar to that too,” she said.

Whether you were on two legs or four...The strength of the strong but brief storm was felt by all.

“She is deaf now so she doesn’t hear the thunder, but she feels it and she definitely felt this one,” said Jager.

Jager said despite the clean-up in the days ahead... she’s glad it wasn’t any worse.

“As far as I’m concerned, property damage can be repaired, no lives were lost that’s the most important thing,” said Jager.