Springfield parent concerned over reported luring incident

A concerned parent reached out to the newsroom after her 8 year-old experienced a luring incident.
Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 6:35 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - A concerned parent in Springfield reached out claims a man tried to lure her 8-year-old into his car on Sunday. She said this happened a day before parents received a robocall from the Springfield Public Schools alerting families about a stranger approaching kids in the city.

The mother of that child brought her concerns straight to Western Mass News following that robocall that went out last night. She told us what changes and actions she wanted to see from the Springfield Police Department following this incident.

“She was riding her bike in our neighborhood one street over and she stopped to rest, and a man approached her and tried to lure her into his back seat with candy,” said Nikita Perez.

Nikita Perez lives in Springfield. She described to Western Mass News a concerning incident that happened on Sunday afternoon near the Sabis Charter School area, involving her 8-year-old daughter.

“She said do you think I’m dumb enough to do that? And then she took off and came home.”

Perez told us she did file a police report. Meanwhile, she said this happened before a robocall went out to parents in Springfield Monday night, warning families about a stranger approaching kids in the area.

Nikita Perez, a Springfield parent said, “Unfortunately, it was a distressing call about the situation with the blue car and the man trying to lure kids, and that kind of sent us back into where we just came out of because now someone is out there doing it to multiple children.”

Perez says she is now left wondering what the police are doing to ensure safety.

Western Mass News spoke to the Springfield Police Department about the suspicious activities.

“Our officers have been at different bus stops and different areas where these suspicious activities have been going on. There just hasn’t been any crimes committed and there’s nothing to link anything that people should be overly concerned about,” said Ryan Walsh.

Springfield’s Public Information Officer Ryan Walsh, about similar incidents told us the City’s police department is aware of a few incidents similar to Perez’s that have happened in the city.

“Since July from summer school even into the past few weeks there’s been a handful of suspicious incidents with someone in a car and kids at either bus stops or walking home from school,” said Ryan Walsh.

And he says his team is on high alert.

“Our real-time analysis center can review city video our detective goes out there and investigates everything thoroughly…if your kids are out try to have them go out in groups or have parents around especially if they are younger,” said Ryan Walsh.

Walsh also encourages parents and kids if they see something to say something.