Residents seek safety changes after recent Boston Road crash

Residents seek safety changes after recent Boston Road crash
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 7:41 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -A crash sent two people to the hospital in Springfield Thursday night is just the latest on Boston Road and neighbors are concerned.

They want changes made to prevent more accidents in the area. One man who lives off Boston road told Western Mass News that he sees too many accidents happen in that area and his calls for action have been growing for years.

“Totally crazy out there. I’ve been living here for 55 years in this house I’ve seen people dead in the street at the corner there’s accidents all the time,” said Thomas LaFleur, Springfield resident.

LaFleur said he has seen too many car accidents happen on Boston Road near where he lives on Stuart Street, including a crash that happened Thursday night just before 10:00 in the Pine Point section of the city. According to Springfield Police’s public information officer, Ryan Walsh, that accident involved three vehicles and two people were transported to the hospital with no serious injuries. The driver who caused the accident crashed into a pole and will receive a criminal for negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

LaFleur told Western Mass News he wants to see more done to prevent accidents from happening in the future.

“Law enforcement should be more on Boston Road passing out tickets. Should hire more police officers put them all over the place, Berkshire Avenue, Boston Road and slow down the traffic,” he said.

Back in November and December, Springfield Police did conduct high visibility traffic enforcement efforts along Boston Road and other busy streets, resulting in hundreds of citations. Meanwhile, Ward 8 City Councilor Zaida Govan hears LaFleur’s concerns.

“I just think that people drive too fast to begin with, we’ve been talking about this for a very long time. I’m actually having a maintenance and development meeting regarding speeding along with the public safety meeting,” Govan said.

She said she is hoping to be more proactive with plans in the works to address safety concerns on Boston Road.

“We have a lot of ideas. We’ve had so many accidents on Boston Road. Fatalities have happened…We want to have those little cars that the kids ride. The sheriff’s departments says they have a bunch of those so maybe paint some of those put the speed limit sign put them on the curb and maybe people will think oh there’s a kid in a car maybe slow down,” Govan explained.

Govan told Western Mass News city councilors plan to discuss this at a meeting next week.