Ian continues to impact flights at Bradley International Airport

Hurricane Ian, which struck Florida on Wednesday, continued to have an impact on air travel on Thursday.
Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 3:09 PM EDT
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WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WGGB/WSHM) - Hurricane Ian, which struck Florida on Wednesday, continued to have an impact on air travel on Thursday.

Ted Knurek was in Connecticut for a high school reunion. Before he and his wife, Giomara, made the trip, his current home area, the republic of Panama, was hit by the outer band of what was to become Hurricane ian.

“It’s just been one hell of a week with traveling staring even out in Panama…There was an accident on the runway due to heavy rains…On Monday, the airport was closed, so we left on Tuesday. We got to the airport and could barely see in front of you,” Knurek said.

At Bradley International Airport on Thursday, hundreds of people made their way to their flights. One of those travelers was Northampton’s Lemy Coffin, who was flying all the way to Montana. She has been checking up on her grandparents, as well as others currently in Florida, a state that heavily felt Ian’s wrath.

“Just checking up on people and making sure everyone’s okay. This is a climate disaster, so this is what’s happening. We got to figure out how to deal with it somehow,” Coffin explained.

As many were arriving and departing from Bradley, there was the reality of canceled flights bound for the southeast. While flights to Atlanta and Miami remained on-time, at least 13 arrivals and departures from Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Jacksonville were canceled.

Dak Knudsen, who flew in from Los Angeles, told Western Mass News he has been to both Tampa and Orlando. He compared the storm situation there to what his state faces every now and then

“It’s been known that [Florida] is a vulnerable area…A lot of people would not want to live in California because of earthquakes. Down in the Gulf area, there’s definitely one of those things to worry about,” Knudsen noted.

While it is unclear what will be next for those in the area looking to leave or return to Florida, it has been hectic for flight traffic for the southeast. Knurek said goodbye to his wife as she was flying back to Panama. He told us he was able to get her a ticket on a connecting flight, despite some confusion.

“We went through that regular role of wait, wait, wait, and then people are trying to assist you. United did a great job. When they sent me the email to complete the confirmation, it was for tomorrow, so then I had to go through the whole process again later last night. Luckily, there was one ticket left and she got that ticket to get to Houston,” Knurek said.

He has a heavy heart, knowing a family member has a property in Florida.

“My brother, who I was staying with, has a big house in Cape Coral, FL, which is being destroyed right now,” Knurek added.

As reported on Wednesday, the Connecticut Airport Authority said there could be more delays and cancellations out of Bradley through the weekend. Everyone traveling down south is advised to be safe as Tropical Storm Ian continues to make its way up the southeastern United States.