Family of Molly Bish asks Hampden District Attorney’s office to take over case

Family of Molly Bish asks Hampden District Attorney’s office to take over case
Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 12:32 AM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -22 years ago, 16-year-old Molly Bish disappeared from Comins Pond in Warren where she was working as a lifeguard. Her body was recovered in Palmer in 2003 but the case is still open. Decades later her family continues to seek justice, asking new investigators to take over the case.

Molly’s older sister, Heather Bish wrote a two-paged letter, with what she calls an “unusual request” asking for her sister’s case to be moved from the Worcester District Attorney’s Office to the Hampden District Attorney’s Office. She hopes doing this will allow the case to progress forward, getting her sister closer to the justice she deserves.

On June 7, 2000, 16-year-old Molly Bish disappeared from her lifeguard stand at Comins Pond in Warren. Three years later, almost to the day, June 9, 2003, her remains were recovered in palmer.

“I loved her she was my baby sister she was very, very, loved and she deserves someone no matter how hard it is to continue to fight,” Bish said.

Years later, the case remains open and unsolved. Molly’s older sister, Heather Bish told Western Mass News that the Worcester District Attorney’s Office has been working on the case for 16 years. So, Heather took matters into her own hands.

“We most recently sent a letter to the Hampden District Attorney’s Association, requesting the movement of Molly’s case from Worcester county to Hampden county,” explained Bish.

With no conclusion in sight, Heather explains she would like Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni to take a look into the investigation.

“Knowing how D.A. Gulluni has been working with private labs and getting resolutions in some of these older cases, and kind of working in partnership with different resources, we’re very interested in working with him,” Bish said.

As time is of the essence.

“People in this case are dying many of the witnesses have passed on from this point,” Bish said.

In the letter, Bish outlines why she believes the move is necessary, including disruptions in the tip lines for Molly’s case, and the handling of her sister’s crime scene. She explains the only evidence in the investigation originates from the recovery of molly’s remains three years later, and she wants more experts involved.

“We’ve asked them to work with the National Center, we’ve asked them to do behavior analysis on molly and the perpetrator we’ve asked them to consult with various experts. We’ve been able to have the great fortune to meet in the work that we’ve done through the foundation…Recently, I had asked them to work with some DNA experts from across the country or across the world, actually they’re world-renowned experts. This is important to me because again we’re talking about evidence that’s been out in the you know outside for a long period of time and I’m concerned that if they test it you know it’s not going to be preserved,” she said.

Heather also said she was hoping for more communication with the Worcester DA’s office.

“You could tell me where my evidence is going and whose testing it and what experts are working on it because that’s important to me understanding what’s going to happen to this case,” Bish said.

But in the meantime, heather will continue to work for her sister’s justice.

“These guys are going to retire in some time, but I’m never going to retire from this case it is always going to be my responsibility to help find this person who did this to my sister and I will always fight for her she deserved that,” Bish said.

Western Mass News has learned that the Massachusetts District Attorney’s Association does not have the authority to transfer cases between jurisdictions.

Western Mass News reached out to the Worcester District Attorney, Joseph Early’s office for comment and they shared the following statement that reads in-part quote:

This case and all unresolved homicides are a priority for our office. We understand that this is a grieving family and that their pain will never go away. While our office and all District Attorney’s offices work to keep families informed, we are unfortunately not able to accommodate every request for information. In order to maintain the integrity of the investigation, the State Police cannot always release all relevant information.

Anyone with information on the Molly Bish case is can reach out on the DA’s anonymous tip line at (508) 453-7575.