Getting Answers: Biden Administration takes action on fuel prices

Getting Answers: Biden Administration takes action on fuel prices
Published: Oct. 21, 2022 at 12:32 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - This week, the Biden Administration announced they are taking action to help rein in high fuel prices, but for now, costs still remain high.

“Everything is rising, so it’s the little things you can keep down helps just a little bit,” said AIC Economics Professor John Rodgers.

With the holiday season right around the corner and prices still high, Western Mass News is getting answers from Rodgers about gas and diesel prices.

“With the winter coming and the situation in Saudi Arabia and Ukraine, those high prices are going to persist for a while,” Rodgers noted.

With President Biden announcing his plan to release 15 million barrels of crude oil reserves in December, Rodgers believes he is trying to get the market to feel that the situation under control

“It should help to stabilize things. I think what is more significant is there were several refineries in this country and in the western part of the country where gas prices are the highest,” Rodgers added.

With the cost of gas continuing to rise, we caught up with a local flower shop to see how this will impact delivery fees heading into the holiday season.

“Delivery fees, we are really aiming to keep them the same…We don’t want to make everything harder on everybody else,” said Stephanie Oleksak, manager and co-owner of Langone’s Florist in Springfield.

Oleksak told us when gas prices initially rose earlier this year, they had to increase their prices as well and she plans to lower their delivery prices as soon as gas prices fall.

“It’s something that’s unavoidable. [Reporter: Is it an issue?] Yes, but it’s something you just got to bear with it because it’s part of the job. We got to make those deliveries,” Oleksak added.

Oleksak said with a treat like flowers, it’s not fair to keep raising prices

“Our customers are priority and we know that everything gets harder with everything rising and it’s a little thing we can do for them to send something nice to someone and not break the bank,” Oleksak said.