Residents speak out on tire damage from nails on Holyoke streets

Residents speak out on tire damage from nails on Holyoke streets
Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 8:59 PM EDT
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HOLYOKE, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -Western Mass News is continuing to cover a situation in Holyoke: nails popping tires. More people have shared their stories of their tires getting damaged.

“We were coming home on Canal Street and it was just right as we went over the tracks, we heard a thud and a “psss,” and our tire was going flat. It went flat. And we had to get a whole new tire,” shared Lisa Partridge of Holyoke.

Partridge reached out after seeing our report about nails damaging car tires on South Canal Street in Holyoke. She said it happened to her too.

She showed us this three-inch piece of metal, which she said popped a hole in her tire. The damage was beyond repair.

“The tire was $166 – and we can’t afford 166 either. So if this was somebody’s fault, I’d like to see them reimburse us,” Partridge said.

Brian MaGoffin of South Hadley said all four of his tires needed to be replaced after driving on the same spot on Canal Street a week ago.

“It was an expensive ride home for sure…”That’s the way we normally come home, I work in Springfield and came into South Hadley that was and it was unusual,” said Brian MaGoffin of South Hadley.

He shared he may have to find a different route to and from work.

“We might take Main St. from now on and we might kind of keep away from that area but that’s kinda the through way we go home,” MaGoffin said.

Police in neighboring Chicopee said the nails might have been dropped accidently from a truck passing by.

Workers in one local business told Western Mass News that this is a common problem. On South Canal Street. Dump trucks and other large trucks brought scrap metal to and from local salvage yards drop nails and other metal objects on the tracks.

Meantime - MaGoffin said he is just grateful to hear he’s not alone.

“I think I was relieved knowing that it wasn’t just me. Certainly you wouldn’t want to wish that on someone else but knowing there’s a bigger story, that there’s a lot of people suffering through the same sort of unfortunate incident,” he said.