Preparations underway for heavy rain expected across western Mass. Friday

Preparations underway for heavy rain expected across western Mass. Friday
Published: Nov. 10, 2022 at 5:57 PM EST
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HUNTINGTON, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -Preparations are underway in western Mass. for the heavy rain expected to start Friday.

One local Department of Public Works shared how his crew is prepared for the storm that is expected to hit our area.

“Just trying keep the yard looking nice especially before the storm since the storm is coming in it’s going to blow all this stuff all over the place,” shared Nelson Hernandez Rivera of Chicopee.

People in western Massachusetts are gearing up as tropical storm Nicole moves up the east coast, with heavy rain and wind expected Friday. Western Mass News found residents cleaning up their yards ahead of the storm.

“If there’s a big storm coming it’s good to clean your gutters you don’t want clogged gutters,” said Hernandez Rivera.

Public works departments across western Massachusetts are also reminding people to clear any leaves from storm drains on their streets, to prevent any possible flooding with the heavy rain anticipated.

“We have the storm drains cleaned out and it’s hard with the wind blowing the leaves back in and stuff. we’ve got about twelve miles of dirt road up here so heavy rain really hits us hard versus a city where it’s flat and black top type roads, so we have to be extra vigilant on that,” said Charles Dazzelle, Huntington Highway Superintendent.

Dazzelle told Western Mass News he hopes the damage won’t be too bad, but is prepared for any flooding.

“Basically, when we get on the steep hills is where we get the wash. The longer the water goes the worse it is,” he said.

Dazzelle is also sharing this message for anyone that is planning on traveling when the heavy rain and winds are expected Friday afternoon.

“If it is raining watch the driving especially the younger ones… Wet leaves are very slippery. Keep the speeds down…Hydroplaning is a big thing as we all know. We try to tell people just go slow if you need to be somewhere at a certain time leave a little early just take it easy respect the cars on the road and everybody,” he said.