Frozen embryos brought to life 30 years later, breaking last record

Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 1:51 PM EST
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(CNN) – Newborns Lydia and Timothy Ridgeway are already pretty famous. They were born from embryos frozen 30 years ago.

The Nation Embryo Donation Center said that makes them the new record holders.

The previous longest-frozen embryo resulting in birth was about 27 years old.

The twins were born to Rachel and Philip Ridgeway, who live in Oregon.

Rachel Ridgeway said she and her husband thought embryo adoption was something they would want to do when they heard about it.

“Going into this process, we wanted to choose children that in our eyes were the most unwanted, the most needy, the ones in a lot of ways that have been overlooked,” Rachel Ridgeway said.

As if Lydia and Timothy’s births weren’t special enough, they were also born on Halloween.