Tree crews standing by for possible storm damage

Wednesday’s storm has tree crews on standby to respond to any downed branches or trees
Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 8:50 PM EST
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SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Wednesday’s storm has tree crews on standby to respond to any downed branches or trees and some were busy on Tuesday taking preventative action, which is a good idea before the severe weather settles in.

Lucjan Galecki with City Tree Service told Western Mass News that downed trees are a concern in this type of severe weather.

“The biggest thing is large oak trees with big deadwood. You don’t really want to park underneath those, that could fall out. Generally, it’s not enough wind to blow over a healthy tree, but you never know,” Galecki said.

Eversource spokesperson Priscilla Ress told Western Mass News that residents should always be cautious of dangerous-looking trees in their yards.

“Sometimes, we just tell our customers to think like an arborist. Go out around your property and look and see. Do you have tree branches that may be coming too close to electrical equipment? That may be something that you want to pay attention to. You may want to alert us as well if you think that it could be a hazard,” Ress said.

Galecki added that the best way for people to avoid tree damage on their property is to always maintain the trees in their yards.

“Just keep up with it like you mow your lawn, maintain your trees. Make sure you cut all the deadwood out if you can. If you have a large tree near your house, it could fall on the house and cause a lot of damage and it’s an inconvenience or hazardous,” Galecki added.

As for Wednesday, Eversource is urging anyone who sees any toppled trees impacting power lines to give them a call right away, so they can take care of the hazard as soon as possible.