Hilltown residents share mixed emotions over late-week storm

Hilltown residents share mixed emotions over late-week storm
Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 1:53 PM EST
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BLANDFORD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - There was mixed reaction to the snowfall in the higher elevations on Friday.

“This is nothing, this is nothing,” said John Dutilly from Blandford.

Western Mass News caught up with Dutilly while shoveling his neighbor’s driveway on Friday. He told us the amount of snow was no big deal, especially compared to what it could have been.

“Our snowstorms in the past few years have been nothing, I mean absolutely nothing,” Dutilly added.

He said his main concern is when the snow comes with heavy winds that would cause damage and knock down trees.

“If you get branches and trees down, they take the power lines down the you are in trouble,” Dutilly explained.

We also spoke to Andrew Pyenson, a business owner in Otis, who said he wished there was more snow since he relies on the traffic from snow activities in the area.

“If it stays snow, it could bring in more business to the area. A lot of snow would bring in snowmobiles. Providing the ice is safe, it could bring in ice fishing going on…Again, skiers look for snow to make sure it has a good base,” Pyenson said.

His advice for those who are traveling further west in the state was to drive carefully, even if the roads are plowed.

“Anybody who does come up to definitely keep an eye on the roads because the change in temperature can go from slush to ice,” Pyenson added.