Getting Answers: Chicopee School Committee discusses cellphone pouches

Getting Answers: Chicopee School Committee reviews cellphone pouches
Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 6:46 PM EST
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CHICOPEE, MA. (WGGB/WSHM) - On Wednesday, the Yondr cellphone pouches will be up for discussion again at a Chicopee School Committee meeting.

Some want to spread the policy to more schools in the city, but not everyone is on board.

Yondr magnetic locking cellphone pouches first implemented last year at Chicopee High School has some in the city looking at expanding the program, with all 5 public middle schools and high schools.

The Chicopee School Committee will discuss the idea of having the pouches in all middle and high schools in the city on Wednesday night.

“I believe that middle school students’, children at an early age so when they get the high school it won’t be an issue,” said Girouard. “They’re going to have been taught in the earlier grades that cellphone use in the schools without it being authorized won’t be tolerated.”

City councilor Douglas Girouard told Western Mass News restricting cell phone use during class time is proving to be successful.

“It’s not just our school district but it’s across the commonwealth that social media during school hours during school hours can be very disruptive to teachers trying to teach their classes,” explained Girouard.

Meantime people we spoke with here at Chicopee High School said they don’t like the pouches.

“Being a parent of a child in high school, I don’t like it because if there’s ever an emergency at school this lockdown, they had only had a couple weeks back, we will never know what’s going on with these students,” said Page.

Jessica Page and her daughter Natalie believe it’s important they can contact each other when needed, which the pouches did not allow during the recent hoax threat that forced a lockdown at Chicopee High School.

“If there’s emergency, I’d like to tell her to make sure she’s not worried or if I’m staying after school because of it,” expressed Natalie Page, a freshman at Chicopee High School.

But Girouard said they should trust the schools in emergency situations.

“I believe that our staff in the buildings is well educated and know what to do immediately if something were to take place,” emphasized Girouard.

Western Mass News reached out to the interim superintendent of Chicopee Public Schools for comment and have not heard back yet.