17-year-old returns home, continues recovery after losing both legs in collision

Janae Edmondson, a teenager injured in a violent crash in downtown St. Louis last month, is recovering back at home. (Source: KMOV)
Published: Mar. 8, 2023 at 10:40 PM EST
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ST. LOUIS (KMOV/Gray News) - A Tennessee teenager who was injured in a violent crash in St. Louis last month is recovering back at home.

KMOV reports that 17-year-old Janae Edmondson has returned to Tennessee after she lost both of her legs in a downtown-area crash on Feb. 18.

“The struggles change from day to day, but it is still a step forward to be home where she can start seeing family and friends,” Janae Edmondson‘s mother, Francene Edmondson, said.

During a hearing in late February, a St. Louis judge denied bond for 21-year-old Daniel Riley. He’s charged with three counts of assault and is accused of causing the crash that injured Janae Edmondson, leading to the amputation of her legs.

Janae Edmondson’s parents, James and Francene Edmondson, spoke during the hearing, urging Judge Rochelle Woodiest to withhold bond and keep Riley in jail.

The couple also recalled the details of the crash and their daughter’s struggles since.

James Edmondson said he remembers hearing the roar of car engines from that day. He said Janae Edmondson shouted for him to get back but the car was going so fast it took her out of his arms.

The father said he looked down and saw one of his daughter’s legs had been severed, and the other was only partially attached. He said his first aid training from the military kicked in and started gathering belts from witnesses to use as tourniquets.

Francene Edmondson said she held her daughter’s head and prayed.

According to authorities, Riley was out on bond at the time of the collision on a robbery charge and wasn’t supposed to be driving because he did not have a valid license.

The 21-year-old was also under house arrest and had reportedly violated the conditions of his bond more than 100 times.

The Edmondson family was visiting St. Louis as Janae Edmondson was competing in a volleyball tournament.

Authorities said they were walking on a sidewalk when the car Riley was driving failed to yield, and struck another car before hitting Janae Edmondson.

In court, Francene Edmondson said Riley “didn’t have any reason to be driving like that.” She said her daughter has been asking if he is going to jail.

Ultimately, Judge Woodiest ordered Riley to be held without bond to “ensure the safety of the community.”

The Edmondson family said their daughter has undergone several surgeries since the crash.

Riley’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 3.