Psychic medium Matt Fraser returning to MGM Springfield

A popular event is coming back to MGM Springfield: live readings with psychic medium Matt Fraser.
Published: Jun. 1, 2023 at 3:24 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A popular event is coming back to MGM Springfield: live readings with psychic medium Matt Fraser.

What Fraser does for a living is comforting for many across the country. For years, he has connected with souls of lost family members and friends of audiences who attend his live psychic readings. Later this month, he will return to Springfield to give more of those readings at his fifth appearance in the city.

“What’s amazing is that I never know where I’m going to be in the room, who will come through, or even what they’ll say, and that’s the fun part, but what I do know is that every single message is a chance for that family to heal, find comfort, and also answer questions about a loved one’s passing,” Fraser explained.

Fraser has been sharing his talent for most of his life and said he grew up living in the Bruce Willis movie “The Sixth Sense.” As a young boy, he thought his ability to talk to the dead was a curse, but as he grew up, he realized he could use this gift to help people find closure and heal.

“So many times, when we lose a loved one, we don’t get to say goodbye. We wonder, ‘are they okay? Are they at peace? Are they in heaven? Is there a heaven? Are pets with them?’ and as a medium, I love that I get to answer those questions for people,” Fraser noted.

Fraser told Western Mass News that every show he does is “a family reunion with heaven” and no matter where anyone sits, a connection is possible.

“During this event, I can’t stay up on the stage. Literally, what you’ll see is me jump off the stage and start running through the audience and going wherever I’m pulled. One minute, I could be talking to somebody in the front row who lost their mom. Next thing you know, I’m with someone in the back who lost their son,” Fraser said.

Fraser told us his goal and personal challenge is to read as many people as possible during the two shows in western Massachusetts.

“I expect that every single show is going to be a completely different experience because one minute, it could be really exciting where you have a lot of souls that come through with personalities that are really loud and strong and funny, where another show could be a little bit sad or a little bit heavy with the emotions,” Fraser added.

Both shows will be at 8 p.m. on June 9 and June 10 at MGM Springfield’s Aria ballroom.

You can CLICK HERE for more information or tickets.