Brimfield resident speaks out after recent vandalism incidents

Vandalism under investigation in Brimfield where several properties were targeted this past weekend.
Published: Jun. 21, 2023 at 2:02 PM EDT
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BRIMFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Vandalism under investigation in Brimfield where several properties were targeted this past weekend.

“Initially, I was thinking kids having fun or something like that on a weekend night,” said Chris Harry of Brimfield.

Harry lives on East Hill Road in Brimfield. At the moment, his political and school signs can be seen outside his house.

However, that was not the case this past weekend. Harry and some of his neighbors were shocked when they noticed their signs had been taken out of the ground and were moved to other parts of the road.

“It’s just kind of disheartening. You put effort into your yard and to doing things and putting your signs out in supporting your candidates. To have someone pull them out of the ground and throw them all over the place isn’t very kind,” Harry added.

However, it was not just people on that road who were affected. When Harry posted what happened on social media, a couple people who live on neighboring Brookfield Road commented that their political signs were taken out of the ground and thrown into bushes. As for East Hill, Harry told us that some mailboxes and fire department street signs were damaged, a street sign was taken down, and a porta-potty at a construction area was tipped over.

“I initially thought maybe someone driving a vehicle had clipped the porta-potty, something like that, and knocked it over, but after seeing the signs, I knew that it wasn’t something like that,” Harry explained.

Brimfield Police are investigating. They told Western Mass News that it appears all of this happened over one night. Meanwhile, Harry had a message for whoever is responsible.

“Maybe they thought they were having a good time for a couple of hours or an hour, but what you do impacts others greatly and I think ruining someone’s morning when they wake up isn’t exactly a nice thing to do…Hopefully, with ruining a mailbox and the political sign issues, there will be some fines issued out,” Harry said.

As for the person or persons who committed these acts, Brimfield Police said that part of the investigation remains ongoing. Brimfield Police also asked anyone who witnessed or has video footage to call New Braintree regional dispatch at (413) 245-7222.