Efforts continue to get ‘Cat in the Hat’ license plate on Massachusetts vehicles

The Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield has been trying to get a special-themed license plate in the Bay State
Published: Jul. 27, 2023 at 12:57 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield has been trying to get a special-themed license plate in the Bay State and, at the moment, the museum is getting closer to making this idea a reality.

We all like cars, vehicles galore, but creative license plates, those we adore and the Dr. Seuss Museum is almost at a point where a ‘Cat in the Hat’-themed license plate could be on Massachusetts-registered automobiles.

“We want to get the cat on the road. The cat is an iconic Dr. Seuss figure. Everyone knows him, so we thought it was a perfect icon to celebrate Dr. Seuss,” said Emilie Ferreira-Czupryna, Springfield Museums director of development.

The museum first opened in 2017 and, two years later, leadership thought of a way to make another license plate option available for drivers while also promoting the learning center and birthplace of Dr. Seuss. Ferreira-Czuprina told Western Mass News that this idea could actually bring more people to visit the museum and Springfield as a whole.

“Not a lot of people know that we’re even here. We’re a hidden gem. We would love to have more people come to Springfield Museums in general, come see The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum, and it is just a wonderful way to support local arts,” Ferreira-Czuprina noted.

To produce the special plates, the Registry of Motor Vehicles needs 750 preorders. Just over four years ago, they had 369 signed up and right now, the museum is 195 away. It is $40 per order, with a portion of that payment going back to the museum and the response to this license plate has left an impression.

“People are really, really excited about it. We’ve had a lot of interest lately because a lot more people are coming out post-COVID. People are coming here and seeing the Dr. Seuss Museum. They’re excited about it. They want to support,” Ferreira-Czuprina added.

While there is no deadline for the museum to meet their goal, a world known for characters like Horton and The Lorax could soon add another staple to its legacy.

“Once you see one plate, the buzz is going to start. People are going to get really excited about it and that’s our hope, that people see them in Boston and say, ‘What’s that for?’ and come here and visit, so we’re excited,” Ferreira-Czuprina said.

The museum hopes to reach the 750 pre-order mark by the end of the year. You can CLICK HERE for more information on pre-ordering a plate.