Connecticut Day celebrated at The Big E

Wednesday marked Connecticut Day at The Big E and we stopped by their state building to see what the Nutmeg State is offering this year
Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 1:58 PM EDT
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WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Wednesday marked Connecticut Day at The Big E and we stopped by their state building to see what the Nutmeg State is offering this year, including some old favorites and some new vendors.

At the Connecticut building, you can check out Codeword Escape. It is new at The Big E this year and Kayla Kondrue with Codeword Escape said that they have “been busy” and “weekends are super so full.”

[Reporter: If someone wants to come check it out, what do you guys have? What is Codeword Escape?]

“We have a mobile escape room. We have 20 minute escape rooms, $10 a person, and we also have some free puzzles for people to try out if they have never played in escape room...sort of figure out what an escape room is like,” Kondrue added.

[Reporter: If someone has never done an escape room, what are some of the key things that you should know?]

“Just be observant. Most things are part of the clue. Work together, most escape rooms are very cooperative, so you have to work as a team. The communication is key,” Kondrue noted.

[Reporter: If you miss Codeword Escape at The Big E, where else are you guys located?]

“We are located in Wallingford, Rocky Hill, and Farmington, CT. Check us out at Codeword Escape, Complexity Escape, and Quandaries Escape,” Kondrue added.

After you check out Codeword Escape, you might be a little bit hungry having worked up an appetite. It would be the perfect time to go check out Bear’s Smokehouse.

“Today, we are offering one of our main sandwiches here at The Big E. It is called the Bear Necessity. It has some smoked burnt ends on there, coleslaw, mac and cheese on a potato roll. It is very delicious and a lot of people come here and order it. A couple of other things we have are some beef, briskets, slices of beef brisket, cubes, you can get that with mac and cheese, mac and cheese and cornbread are very tasty here at The Big E,” said Mackenzie Crey with Bear’s Smokehouse.

[Reporter: Have you guys been here in the Connecticut building for a few years or is this new?]

“We have been here for about five years, 2018 is when we started, so a couple years and going strong,” Crey added.

[Reporter: What is your favorite part about seeing all of these people and I’m sure on Connecticut Day that you have an even bigger crowd]

“Every year, everyone here at The Big E is so nice and it’s just amazing to see multiple different people here and all the different kinds of people that walk in from a bunch of different states and all across the world,” Crey noted.

[Reporter: If you do miss Bear’s Smokehouse at The Big E, where can someone find you guys in Connecticut?]

“We are right in Windsor near the airport. We are in Hartford right off of 91, New Haven right off of 91 at exit 6, and in South Windsor, and if you want to take a bigger ride, we have a couple locations down in North Carolina as well,” Crey said.