The Big E looking to reunite hundreds of lost items with their rightful owners

The Big E is known for a good time and fairgoers can easily get wrapped up in the day and leave some personal belongings behind.
Published: Sep. 26, 2023 at 2:41 PM EDT
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WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The Big E is known for a good time and fairgoers can easily get wrapped up in the day and leave some personal belongings behind.

It’s one of the most invaluable booths at The Big E as staff at the fair’s lost and found keep track of everyone’s lost valuables.

“This year, we actually have a wig…this is a first for us. Usually, we get dentures, we get hearing aids, and stuff like that, but I think this is the first year we’ve had a wig,” said Theresa Williams, assistant manager of the The Big E’s Lost People’s Center.

After 18 fairs, Williams told Western Mass News that she’s seen many different items lost every year. After two full weeks of the fair, they’ve racked up quite the collection.

“We are up to 650 items so far this year and we normally do about 1,000 during the fair the last couple of years, but it could all change and we could get over 1,000 items again this year,” Williams added.

Lost items are turned in by fellow fairgoers or Big E employees when cleaning up each day. To get items back, owners have to prove the item was once in their possession.

“They can come to our window at the building here and describe the item to us. If we have it, we have them fill out the back of a card saying that they’re claiming that item and we hand it right back over to them,” Williams explained.

Fairgoers also have the option to visit their courtesy stand between Gates 4 and 5 if they aren’t going back into the fair. Williams told us they get the most items turned in at the front gates or after concerts.

“Usually, it’s credit cards and cell phones. Cell phones are usually our most-returned item because everyone cannot live without their phone anymore, but credit cards, most people just cancel them nowadays and after the fair, we just shred them all,” Williams noted.

However, the biggest takeaway is not to give up on your missing item without calling the lost and found first.

“They hear about us and they’re like ‘Oh my gosh, you had my item. Oh my God, you had this’ and it’s just such a fantastic feeling,” Williams said. “We’ve got all kinds of items and it always feels great to hand something back to somebody, especially if it has sentimental value.”

If there is something you’re missing from the fair, you can call (413) 205-5164 to get in touch with the Big E Lost and Found.