Court documents reveal extensive criminal cases involving suspended Springfield officer

Springfield Police Superintendent has suspended officer Gregg Bigda for five days without pay after getting arrested for driving under the influence on Sunday.
Published: Oct. 3, 2023 at 5:31 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - Suspended Springfield Police officer Gregg Bigda back in the spotlight after getting arrested for driving under the influence on Sunday. Springfield Police Superintendent has since suspended him for five days without pay.

Officer Bigda has not officially been inside the Springfield Police Department in the past five years, but he has been on the city’s payroll. We’re taking a closer look at Officer Bigda’s previous criminal cases that got him to that point and how its impacting people in Springfield.

“The fact that Gregg Bigda is still on the payroll for the city of Springfield is an insult to our city, it’s an insult to the taxpayers of our city,” said State Representative Orlando Ramos.

Legal woes for one suspended Springfield Police officer escalating this week. Court documents revealed that Officer Gregg Bigda was arrested for drunk driving in Palmer on Sunday morning.

“The bottom line is this man does not belong on our police force,” expressed Rep. Ramos.

Western Mass News is getting answers on some of his previous criminal cases. The first dating back to 2016 where he was accused of excessive force and abusive interrogation stemming from an incident with three Latino juveniles.

Also, in 2016, he was suspended from the force after a dispute with his girlfriend.

In 2021, he was acquitted on the excessive force charges.

In June of this year, he filed a lawsuit against the city of Springfield saying the city’s government took unfair steps to force him into retirement or resignation.

The city then filed a countersuit against Officer Bigda that said he should repay Springfield for the cost of lawsuits and the time devoted by city employees to manage legal complaints.

On Monday, he entered a not guilty plea to the drunk driving incident in Palmer. State Representative Orland Ramos spoke with Western Mass News on Tuesday about how Officer Bigda’s cases have impacted people in Springfield.

“He has cost the city millions of dollars in just lawsuits alone,” explained Rep. Ramos. “The courts have thrown out many cases that involved him because he can’t be credible witness. He’s become a problem, a headache for the city of Springfield. He doesn’t deserve a badge; he doesn’t deserve a gun. And the Springfield taxpayers are paying the costs because of what he’s done.”

We reached out to Officer Bigda’s attorney for comment on Tuesday but have not heard back. However, he is set to be back in the courtroom for a pre trial-hearing on December 20 for the drunk driving charge.