Monson’s Hannah Murphy scores 100th goal in just her Sophomore year

“In my freshman year, I scored 60 goals in the entire season and that was my highest,” said Hannah.
Published: Oct. 8, 2023 at 6:46 PM EDT
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MONSON, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - “I did some other sports too, but I stuck with soccer more because I like being outdoors, and my sister stuck with it too, so I just followed what she did,” said Hannah Murphy.

Murphy, a sophomore at Monson High School, explains why she gravitated toward soccer at a young age, and she has not looked back since.

“In my freshman year, I scored 60 goals in the entire season and that was my highest,” said Hannah.

As the team kept winning, Hannah kept scoring.

She did not do it alone though, Hannah’s older sister, Emma is a senior on the team.

On September 27 against Douglas High School, they made history together.

“I kind of just looked at her, raised my hand in the air and she sent the ball over and I took a touch around the defender and kicked it in,” said Hannah.

“I saw Hannah. I passed it with my left to her. I was really excited for her but then I started crying,” said Emma.

Hannah tells Western Mass News she was excited to hit the milestone, especially early in her high school career, but it’s a team achievement.

“100 goals. It means a lot to me because that’s what I work for. But it’s not about the 100th goal, it’s about all the goals leading up to it and all of the people I had behind me leading up to it,” said Hannah.

Arthur Murphy, no relation to Hannah or Emma, is the principal of Monson High School.

He says it is the moment he, and the rest of the community, will never forget.

“It’s a storybook setting of seeing a sister give the other sister the ball and her scoring her 100th goal is usually something you only read about or see on TV but it really happened and it was amazing,” said Arthur.

It was a moment to celebrate but Hannah says the team is focused on their next goal.

“2 years ago we made it to the semi-finals and got kicked out of the tournament. Then we made it to the championship and lost in the championship last year, so we just want that championship title.”

The hardware is well in their sights as they are undefeated on the season.

Emma tells us regardless of what happens, she will always cherish the memories of sharing the field with her younger sister.

“I love my team, so yeah,” said Emma.

Reporter: “Do you love your team because your sister is on it?”

“That is a big factor. I love my sister,” said Emma.

The team remains undefeated but did tie Ludlow on Thursday night.