Zack Duhaime

Zack Duhaime

Zack’s passion for weather started when he was in elementary school in his hometown of Hamden CT, and that was only the beginning. He remembers being obsessed with thunderstorms and snowstorms. As he grew older, it was obvious that being a TV meteorologist is what he wanted to become.

Once high school hit, that is when it was time to prove himself to his school. During his time at Hamden High School in southern Connecticut, he was able to accurately forecast some of the biggest storms in recent history including Tropical Storm Irene, the October Snowstorm, Super Storm Sandy, and the Blizzard of 2013. He was even given the name “Weatherlord” by his classmates for always keeping them updated during extreme weather events. That name even trended across the New Haven area on Twitter and has since stayed with him throughout his college and professional years. Zack currently owns the trademark to that name.

At Western Connecticut State University, Zack earned his degree in meteorology with a focus in broadcasting. While there, he had the privilege of leading a team of student meteorologists at a local community access station, Spectrum Communications out of Newtown, CT, to a National Beacon Award. The award was granted for producing accurate and fun weather forecasts for the community. He was also the lead student meteorologist for the Westconn Weather Team, the live election show Election Connection and WCSU News.

Before starting as a freelance meteorologist during the fall of 2020 at Western Mass News, Zack was a freelance meteorologist for the News 12 Networks, which covered western Connecticut, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and New York City. He split his time between the studio and his bedroom studio to practice the social distancing protocols amid the pandemic. He covered Tropical Storm Isaias from his bedroom studio and when the power went out, News 12 sent their mobile weather tracker to his house, and he continued to report live outside during the storm.

Besides forecasting weather, Zack enjoys spending time with friends and family where they will go for walks, to the beach, in the pool, on the boat, and vacations. He also likes to work out, play the drums, and wash his car. Fun Fact: Zack has an identical twin brother, Matt. They own and operate a landscaping company in southern Connecticut.