Marc Bernier

Marc Bernier, a conservative radio host who dubbed himself “Mr. Anti-Vax,” died Saturday from COVID-19 complications after a three-week battle with the virus. He was 65.

(Meredith) – A conservative radio host who dubbed himself “Mr. Anti-Vax” died Saturday from COVID-19 complications after a three-week battle with the virus.

Marc Bernier, 65, was a talk radio host for WNDB in Daytona Beach, Florida for 30 years. WNDB and Southern Stone Communications confirmed Bernier’s death on Twitter Saturday night.

Bernier was an outspoken opponent of vaccinations, including the COVID-19 vaccines. Speaking on-air with a guest in December, Bernier said he would not get the shot.

“I’m not taking it,” Bernier said on the show. “Are you kidding me? Mr. Anti-Vax? Jeepers.”

Bernier is the third conservative radio host outspoken against vaccines who has died in August of this year. Just one week prior to Bernier’s death, Nashville-based radio talk show host Phil Valentine died from COVID-19 complications after battling the virus since late July. He was 61.

Valentine repeatedly downplayed the importance of getting a coronavirus vaccine, saying on-air in December that he believed his personal odds of dying from the virus were “probably way less than one percent.”

When he came down with COVID-19 in late July, Valentine’s message changed. His brother Mark Valentine said in a statement on July 22 that Phil “would like for his listeners to know that while he has never been an ‘anti-vaxer,’ he regrets not being more vehemently ‘Pro-vaccine.’”

In an interview with CNN on July 26, Mark said his brother “recognizes now that him not getting the vaccination has probably caused a bunch of other people not to get vaccinated, and that he regrets.”

Phil died Aug. 21.

Prior to both Bernier’s and Phil’s deaths, conservative radio talk show host and former Newsmax commentator Dick Farrel died earlier this month from COVID-19 at age 65. Farrel was also outspoken against the vaccine and called the entire COVID-19 pandemic a “scam-demic.”

In a Facebook post from July 3, Farrel wrote, "why take a vax promoted by people who lied 2u all along about masks, where the virus came from and the death toll?" He died Aug. 4.


Amy Leigh Hair, a close friend of Farrel’s, said he also had a change of heart about the pandemic just before he succumbed to the virus.

“He is the reason I took the shot! He [Farrel] texted me and told me to 'Get it!' Hair wrote in a public Facebook post. “He told me that this virus is no joke and he said: 'I wish I had gotten it [the vaccine]!'”

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