The FBI tweets a Valentine's Day poem trying to find stolen art

The FBI has a specialized Art Crime Team that handles art and cultural property crime cases.

(CNN) -- The FBI didn't have a Valentine this year, but the bureau's Art Crime Team did whip out a poem and some word play for its weekly #FindArtFriday hashtag.

"Happy #ValentinesDay from the #FBI! We don't need chocolates or flowers, but we do need your help finding stolen artwork. If you see a masterpiece you recognize, submit a tip at," the bureau tweeted.

"Roses are red; violets are blue. Help the #FBI find a painting; here is a clue: Johan Laurents Jensen's "Still Life of Roses in a Basket on a Table" is an oil painting that measures 15 1/2 inches by 18 inches"

The bureau had a thread full of stolen artworks, which obviously broke the hearts of the investigating agents.

And, of course the bureau was looking for a jewelry bedazzled card case on Valentine's Day.

"Are you exchanging cards on #ValentinesDay but have nowhere to put them? Neither do we. Help the #FBI find a stolen Faberge card case made by Fedor Ruckert between 1895-1905. It is decorated with gold, silver, enamel, and ruby."

Each Friday the FBI's Art Crime Team writes pun-filled tweets about stolen art. Formed in 2004, the team consists of 20 special agents, each responsible for addressing art and cultural property crime cases in an assigned geographic region.

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