(Meredith) – Wearing makeup these days is a totally new territory. How do you get it to stay on underneath a mask?

You take off your mask and notice foundation, lipstick, and more colors that rubbed off on the inside of your mask. But don’t worry, there are several things you can do to keep yourself looking your best, even with a mask involved.

Lisa DeSantis, Deputy Beauty Director at Real Simple magazine, said the first step is to prep your skin correctly.

“You don’t want to be piling on skincare or makeup, so you want to be strategic,” DeSantis said. “So, after you cleanse, moisturize, and of course put your SPF on, you’ll want to use a primer.”

Makeup primer is meant to grip your makeup to get it to stay on properly, so it deters your mask from rubbing off your makeup. Look for a water-based primer so it won’t clog your pores. And instead of applying it with your fingers, use a brush – it’s more hygienic and you can better target your oily areas. Then, apply your foundation and other face makeup over your primer.

When wearing a mask, it’s most important to play up your eyes. You can start by choosing the right color mask for you – if you have brown eyes, a purple mask will help make your eyes pop, and if you have blue eyes, and orange mask is the way to go.

Next, DeSantis said, use a metallic or shimmer eyeshadow to make your eyes sparkle. Finally, play up your eyelashes, whether you want to load up on mascara or put false lashes on.

“Anything that is going to compliment your eye color is really going to help here,” DeSantis said.

When it comes to your lips, don’t use lip gloss – it’s sticky and rubs off easily on your mask. Instead, choose a matte long-wear lipstick or lip stain.

“There are ones that will last up to 16 hours,” DeSantis said. “And if anyone has ever tried to remove it, you know those things work.”

Also, choose a bright pop of color, so that when you do take your mask off, it’s a nice surprise.

“It gives confidence, and a bright color like a coral or red, you can’t beat that,” DeSantis said.

To help your lip color stick even better, give it a few seconds to dry and mattify before putting your mask on. Another tip – you can even put a small amount of translucent powder over your lipstick to help keep it in place.

For more makeup and lifestyle tips, head to realsimple.com.

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