CHARLEMONT, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- It's not hard to fall in love with the beauty of Charlemont.

The bissell covered bridge runs over the Mill Brook. If that's not picturesque enough, there's a waterfall next to it.

In many ways, a walk through Charlemont is a walk back in time. The Charlemont Inn was built the same year as the American Revolution.

Wind turbines spin on the tops on the tops of mountains as the Deerfield River flows peacefully in the valley.

The Mohawk Trail will take you right into town, where you may stumble upon Avery's General Store.

"This store has been here since 1861 and it's been a fixture in the community, serving the community, generation after generation," said Jim Sinclair.

In fact, Avery's holds an impressivd record.

"From what we understand, this is the oldest continuously operating general store in New England," said Sinclair. 

A store like Avery's wouldn't be around without the help of the community.

"It's a huge responsibility. Folks are highly dependent of us for basic needs. The saying is, if we don't have it at Avery's, you probably don't need it," Sinclair noted.

If the slow walm through town through Charlemont isn't for you, "Charlemont is now becoming a destination point for recreation. It's awesome," said Rachel Maestri-Hailey.

Zoar Outdoor is an outdoor adventure company. We specialize in white water rafting tours of several levels of difficulty. Of course we have our guided zip line canopy tours here that has eleven zip lines, a couple of sky bridges, and some assisted lowers," Maestri-Hailey added.

Zoar Outdoor, along with other adventure companies in town, have made Charlemont a hot-spot for adreniline chasers.

"We have a lot of people who come in from Boston or New York. They kinda wanna have an adventure when they're here, maybe turn up the octane and have a little fun," said Rachel Maestri-Hailey.

Zoar Outdoors said they love seeing their guest zipline for the first time.

"They are looking to crush their comfort zone. They are looking to change it up a bit and maybe try something new but things have been holding them back. Fear of heights, not being used to being outside," Maestri-Hailey. added.

Even if adventure isnt your thing, Maestri-Hailey said "it's gorgeous whenever you come out. Just chill, relax, and enjoy the area."

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