Today nearly one hundred high school aged foster kids were fitted for their future.

It’s the fourth year for this event which dresses foster kids with the clothes they need before heading out into the real world.

“I learned how to tie a bowtie!” said Travis Enders.

Getting dressed is a part of life and on Saturday, around 80 high school aged foster children learned how to do just that.

“Having these events is really great,” Travis stated.

It’s the fourth year of Fitting For the Future, an event run by Help Our Kids, a non-profit Noryn Resnick began to help Western Mass Foster Kids find a little bit of hope in what lies ahead.

“This event affords them the opportunity to just focus on themselves and feel good about themselves and get all dolled up and have a lot of attention on them,” says Resnick.

At no cost to the kids or their guardians, they were dressed up to the nines, learning how to tie bow-ties, get fitted for suits and prom dresses. They even got their hair and makeup done like royalty.

“They're just waiting on me. She's just doing my hair and I'm just sitting here chilling on my phone,” commented Adriana Gonzalez.

All before strutting the runway like they own the place. Even if they’ve never done something like that before.

“My legs are still shaking from it,” Travis went on to say.

And it's not just one suit, or dress these kids will be able to go home with. It's a say yes kind of day. So if it fits, it is theirs.

“Making the kids that are in foster care, feel good about themselves and think about their future,” said Noryn.

The clothes on these racks have been donated throughout the year and volunteers provide the attention foster kids tend to lack, with the one on one styling and fittings. The best part, according to Travis Enders, is knowing he’s not alone as he embarks on his future, looking good.

“It's great to see experience other foster kids that out there,” Travis says.

Right now Help Our Kids is looking for extra volunteers and also more donations to get ready for next year’s fitting for the future and other events along the way.

For more information on the organization or to get involved, click here.

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