Terrifying moments for an Agawam family.

Last night, a car hit their home on Mill Street, narrowly missing a woman inside, and took off.

"All of a sudden," resident Brenda Gooch tells us. "We heard a very large bang...crash. It sounded like the house almost blew up."

Brenda was watching tv with her mom, Cora, Sunday evening when a jeep came barreling into the front of their house.

"I looked out the front window and," says Brenda. "There was a man's face just right in the glass, pressed up against the glass. My mom said, "Oh my God somebody hit my house". My first instinct was to go and call 911 to get some help."

"I could see him," stated Cora. "I said, "Brenda, he hit the house and went through the bushes. He was stunned. He was kind of stunned at first when he picked his head up."

While Brenda was on the phone with Agawam Police, they ran outside to see if the man was okay, but he started to take off during the Feeding Hills Center.

"I said," continued Brenda. "Please stop...I wanted to get his license plate number. He wouldn't look at me, acknowledge me or anything. He finally got it out onto Mill Street, and my mother came out and said, "Please wait. I just want to talk to you. Are you okay?", and he told her to shut up."

Brenda describes the Jeep to Western Mass News as a rust color.

Agawam Police say they would expect it to have front-end damage.

"It really shook us up, because," stated Brenda. "My mom was a foot away from that window. If the bushes weren't there, the cops said he probably would have come through the front window."

Brenda and Cora say they are thankful no one was seriously hurt, but want to remind everyone driving along Mill Street to slow down.

"We understand it's a throughway," continued

Again, Brenda says the Jeep was more of a rust-color and an older man with a ponytail was driving.

If you know anything about the accident, car, or driver, you are urged to call Agawam Police at (413) 786-4767.

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