AGAWAM, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- It went to the edge of space and back again, with an incredible story to tell.

We've shown you the building and launching of a weather balloon at Agawam Junior High over the last two days and we are getting a look at some of the stunning footage.

The Agawam Junior High weather balloon started off a bit shaky before heading into the clouds.

A few minutes later, the balloon exited the clouds to show the bright blue skies above.

By 35,000 feet, the curvature of the earth was apparent. At 60,000 feet, the previously dull beads meant to capture UV radiation have turned bright colors with the lack of protection from the atmosphere.

As the temperature dipped to -35° below zero and with the blackness of the edge of space above, the cameras captured their last frames before freezing.

The balloon kept on rising however. In fact, it reached 31 kilometers, meaning 99.5 percent of the earth's atmosphere was below.

"It's amazing that our balloon went that high. I didn't think it would go that high," said Sandee Johnson, STEM coordinator with Agawam Junior High School.

All the while, the balloon was being tracked from below. The GPS sent pings over East Longmeadow and Monson, then traveled due east over I-395 and I-495 in central Massachusetts.

A cluster of pings in Franklin and Sharon meant the balloon was parachuting down, finally sending a 'stop' notification in Norwell - nearly 100 miles away.

"There was three acres of hundred foot tall trees and it was 'We're are never gonna find it," Johnson noted.

Fortunately, four young boys and one mom came the rescue.

"They were Cub Scouts. One of them said 'Let me have your phone because I know how to read the GPS system.' All of a sudden, they look and said 'there is the balloon,'" Johnson explained.

Because of John, Jake, Ethan, and Noah, Agawam Junior High has their weather balloon back with the valuable data and footage.

"They were beyond excited to find this balloon for us. They couldn't believe how far it traveled," Johnson added.

While the data is being digested from this launch, the school is already looking forward to their fall launch.

"I've had teachers come down and say 'Wow, can I be part of this?' I am excited about that," Johnson said.

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