SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Springfield Animal Control Officers are asking homeowners to stop using what they call one of the most inhumane tools to get rid of mice and other rodents.

They're called glue boards, or glue traps.

A mouse or rat steps on the surface and immediately can't move.

Officers say they usually die over time of starvation or chew their own limbs to try and get free.

This mouse is lucky to be alive.

Springfield Animal Control Officers said it was recently brought in to the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center, stuck to a glue board designed to catch rodents.

Her landlord put down the glue trap. She was unaware of the atrocity that would take place.

Springfield Animal Control Officer, Jules Sanborn told Western Mass News, the woman brought the suffering mouse to TJO where they were able to free it.

"We would prefer that people not use them. Simply because when an animal such as a mouse or a rat gets trapped on them they self-mutilate to get off," Officer Sanborn explained.

According to the humane society, animals trapped on glue boards often try to bite through their own limbs to try and free themselves.

Many, exhausted, collapse into the glue.

"If they end up getting their belly stuck or their head stuck, they basically suffocate. People think that they die right away but they don't die for days. They die of starvation or dehydration which is a painful death in any species," Officer Sanborn said.

Glue boards or glue traps as they're known can be found anywhere.

But Officer Sanborn said whether you value the life of a mouse or rat or not... catching one does not solve the problem.

Because where there's one, there's usually more.

"People need to take responsibility for why animals come into their home which is usually because there is food droppings laying around, an unkempt house, breaches in their foundation where animals can come and go," Officer Sanborn noted.

Sanborn also suggested other options like sound based rodent repellents or have a heart traps to catch and release the animal outside.

The MSPCA is working to eliminate glue boards through legislation.

The humane society also said glue boards have been known to catch non-target animals including birds, even small dogs, and cats.

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