WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A Springfield couple helped track down the suspected car in Wednesday's abduction of an girl.  They ultimately helped police get the girl home safely.

We had the only crew on scene as the couple learned the total damage to their SUV following that potentially life-saving pursuit.  The cost is in the thousands and now, because of their heroic actions, help is coming in an overwhelming way.

"It wasn't even a split-second decision. It was just instinct," said Benny Correa.

Amanda Disley and her husband, Benny Correa, are being hailed as heroes after risking their own lives and their five children's to track down the suspect accused of abducting Moccia.

"When I got to that light on Harvey Street, I shined my beams in that window. I said 'That's the car. He pushed her down' and it was a police chase from there," Correa explained.

Emotions ran high and so did their speed during what the couple said was a nearly 15 minute long chase through Springfield Wednesday night.

[Reporter: Was that going so quick, going around corners?]

"Going around corners, stopping, breaking hard, going in front of cars, going in front of oncoming traffic...guy went over a curb," Correa added.

Disley added, "He said 'I seen this in a movie once.'"

The end goal: get Moccia home safely.

"This was a happy ending, so that's all we care about," Disley noted.

However, as a result, the family of seven is facing serious car damage

"It sags and it shakes. It says 'Suspension problems' on the dash. Tire pressure light on...nothing too major. It smells really bad, it's making a weird noise," Correa said.

Balise said there's thousands of dollars in damage from small things, like the paint to the rim cracking and suspension, but you name it and they're going to cover it.

"The compressor alone, the suspension alone is $3,000...just to be done," said one of the mechanics at Balise Collision.

"We saw the interview with James interviewing Amanda and Benny, what happened with their car and everything they went through. Balise loves to help out the community and one of our own. They put their lives at risk. That could've gone horribly. It's okay, it's okay. This is a good story. Cars can be fixed and replaced, human life can't. If it wasn't for you guys, for real. You're the ones who got that plate," said Brian Stone with Balise.

Correa said, "We were a mother and father that would've done the same thing in any situation for any other kid. Hoping to god they'd do the same for us."

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I hope they will be awarded a new SUV instead of having the old one fixed! They are true heroes! Amanda Disley and Benny Correa, you help restoring my faith in humanity!


Sir I most definitely would do the same for your child.

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