BELCHERTOWN, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - A Belchertown couple is asking for your help after they lost their wedding ring on Friday.

The da Costas have been married for fourteen and a half years.

While many say it's just a ring, for them, it represents so much more.

On Friday, Jennifer da Costa spent her day getting errands done along Memorial Drive in Chicopee.

"I had a lot of shopping to do, and," Jennifer tells us. "I stopped at BJ's first and did my normal thing, but what I kept doing the whole time was taking my gloves on and off."

Jennifer says that it was a cold and windy day, so she thinks that, at one point when she took off her gloves, the ring may have fallen off, but she didn't realize until she got home while putting away her groceries.

"I looked down, and," continued Jennifer. "At first, I saw the ring that I wear on my right finger, and I immediately looked at my left hand and noticed that my ring was gone. I pretty much freaked out, [and] hyperventilated. It wasn't pretty."

The couple tells Western Mass News they were desperate to try and find it.

"We both went down, and," Nelson da Costa tells us. "Tried looking around her car, looked around the house a little bit, and I just told her the only thing we can do is go to the parking lot and retrace your steps."

Jennifer says that she went to BJ's, then Big Y, and then went through the Westfield Bank Drive-Thru ATM before then going into Wal-Mart.

The couple is now asking for the public's help if they happen to be shopping in the area.

"Do the right thing, and," continued Nelson. "Either check it in to a lost and found at one of these stores, [or] possibly the police department."

They want everyone to know the sentimental value it has to them/

They are offering, what they call, a significant reward to the person that finds it.

"It hurts," stated Jennifer. "There's a lot of memories, and you can't replace the original so it's tough. It's really tough."

If you do come across the ring, you can turn it in as they've said or you can contact the da Costas on Facebook.

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