WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Cleanup is underway at the Eastern States Exposition fairgrounds after The Big E's 17 days of games, food, and entertainment, which drew record crowds.

However, one place on the fairgrounds is still very busy today - the lost and found building.

Wallets, cellphones, keys and, credit cards are just some of the items visitors left behind this year at The Big E.

You can see jewelry is placed in plastic bags and labeled by number, so the lost and found staff can keep tabs on the items that were discovered.

Dozens of glasses and sunglasses are just waiting for their rightful owners to come back for them.

This year, 709 lost items have been turned in so far.

“I think the message we like to get out to everyone who’s been to The Big E or plans to come next year is if you lose something, chances are we have it here at lost and found, so please contact us and we will reunite you with your possessions," said Noreen Tassinari with the Eastern States Exposition.

Tassinari told Western Mass News that it’s pretty common for baby shoes and jackets to be lost, but sometimes odd items are left behind, like this pair of crutches. She added they hang on to the very valuable items just in case an owner returns.

In some cases, they come back years later to reunite with their belongings.

“Years later, a fellow walks into the Brooks Building and he says 'Oh I lost a ring many years ago' and sure enough, it was that ring and he was able to describe it perfectly and how it was engraved, so we were able to return that. That was one of the happy endings that we had," Tassinari noted.

After Monday, anyone who is missing something should contact the marketing department at The Big E. Out-of-state visitors who lost things need not worry. The Big E is able to return items by mail.

For the rest of the unclaimed items, those will be donated right before the start of The Big E next year. Those who left behind cell phones, those will be donated to different veteran’s organizations and money found inside of wallets will go towards the American Red Cross.

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