Bones found in Springfield yard prompt police response

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A disturbing discovery in one Springfield neighborhood prompts an investigation by police.

A resident called police after she noticed a pile of bones in her neighbor's backyard.

Police believe that the bones are not human bones. Rather, they are that of horse and deer.

However, police said that the homeowner responsible for them was breaking the law. Since the beginning of spring, Victoria Hall noticed a strong odor in the air outside of her Forest Park home.

"Working in the backyard has been hard. There's been really bad smells," Hall said.

That smell started to get picked up by other residents as well, but no one could pinpoint where it was coming from.

That was until Hall started renovating her backyard.

"My workers discovered carcasses in the neighbor's yard abutting our property," Hall added.

Today, that pile of bones, rotting flesh, and flies sits just behind Hall's fence and she said it's causing a lot of problems.

"The smell is horrendous. It got so bad that our kitchen smells, My house is full of flies. There's rats running around back there. There was never rats here before," Hall noted.

Hall called police once, who came by, but nothing seemed to change, so she contacted Western Mass News, who then alerted the authorities.

While we were speaking with Hall, police showed up and investigated and then went to Hall's neighbor's house where the problem was stemming from.

No one answered the door for police or for Western Mass News when we tried to get their side of the story.

The responding officer left the homeowner a citation.

Police said that the pile of bones is a public health hazard and homeowners are not allowed to keep dead, rotting animal carcasses on their property.

Hall is now hoping this will finally bring an end to the issue.

"This is barbaric. This is like 16th century craziness. It's a health hazard," Hall added.

No word on as to why Hall's neighbor was keeping the bones, but the homeowner has until tomorrow to clean it up.

Police said that code enforcement and animal control will be investigating the residence tomorrow.

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