Burned body found in Hatfield leaves residents on edge

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We continue to follow developing news out of Hatfield where a body found burned in a field has residents on edge.

Although residents are confident the police will catch whoever is involved in this incident, it still has them feeling uneasy.

Kerry Smith walks around this field all the time, a quiet place to get some exercise.

However, today is a little different after a body was found on fire here Saturday night

“My partner and I walk this all the time so it’s just a little bit surprising to see the news cameras and the police out here and all that,” Smith said.

The field at the end of Bridge Lane is now quiet after a heavy police presence last night.

The Northwestern District Attorney’s Office said that the medical examiner needs to determine the cause of death at this time.

The DA’s office is investigating along with state police, state fire marshal’s office and Hatfield police.

New to the area, Smith told us this incident has her on edge.

“It’s been a little bit just concerning. I trust that it’s targeted so it’s not just something that’s randomly happening, but I’m from New Jersey and I live in a little sleepy Hatfield farm town now and just a little surprised. I’m just kind of on edge while we try to figure out what’s going on,” Smith said.

After remains of Jo Ringer were found in Hatfield two weeks ago, this quiet town has been shaken up.

Not everyone is worried about the burned body, though.

Peter Moore, a longtime resident, thinks that due to Hatfield’s close proximity to I-91, outside people may be passing through the area, causing crime.

“These aren’t Hatfield crimes. It’s just unfortunate,” Moore told us.

Western Mass News will continue to follow this story and keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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