SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - A Facebook post about a medical emergency last night at the MGM Springfield casino is getting close to a thousand shares.

We have learned that the man who suffered that medical emergency has passed away.

That man was also the uncle of one of our Western Mass News employees, and they have made no editorial decisions on this story.

"I just feel bad," Jody Olech, a witness to the incident, tells us. "I feel really bad."

Jody was at the casino Saturday night with her son when she a man passed out on the ground.

"There was security around him," stated Olech. "We waited to see what was going on. I kept watching his chest, and there was nothing. I said to my son it looks like he already passed away."

She does not want to show her face on camera, because of the response of a Facebook post she made, criticizing how the casino's security responded to the situation.

"They were very lax in what they did," continued Olech. "The thing that bothered me was people went over to help, and they were told to get away. I'm certified in CPR. There was a doctor there that was told he couldn't even work on him. Their policy has to change."

She tells Western Mass News that MGM security told them no one could touch the man without permission.

She says that, when the State Police arrived, they immediately jumped into action.

"I can't give them kudos enough for what they did, because," says Olech. "They acted like he was a member of the family. They did exactly what they could on him."

She says that, after everything she saw, she couldn't sleep, and hopes that change will come of this.

"This man deserved to be treated with dignity," stated Olech. "I keep hearing from people, 'Why didn't you video?'. For the man's sake, I didn't, and I don't think that's proper at this point."

In a statement to Western Mass News, MGM spokesperson Saverio Mancini stated:

"Our deepest condolences to the family of the individual who suffered a medical incident at MGM Springfield last night. We commend the officers and first responders who worked quickly to respond before transporting the guests to the hospital by ambulance."

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